Lew's Poems - Poetry for the Soul

Our poet extraordinaire, Lew came to us on a horse borrowed from the guy himself, you guessed it, the Lone Ranger, or someone like that, shooting and poppin' out those stanzas and crendenzas like popcorn in a microwave. Catch some of those fine phrases here and while you're at it pass the popcorn - and dim the lights. It's showtime. Come on now, take your shoes off, you weren't born in a barn.




Slipped dreams

Slipped dreams drew horrors and joys from the firmament
and ran them into the ground
where some dreams slid seeds into the soil,
seeds of dreams
dire and dancing all at once.
Then I awoke.
The dreams dissolved.
But the dancing remained in the sunlight
and the storms.

Copyright © 2023, Lewis S. Bloch. All rights reserved.





What are the best free online tools
to help write an iambic pentameter?

When asking Quora for advice, the truth
is people might not know, or be uncouth.
The Internet is wild, a dang’rous place
where rudeness often shoves you in the face.
But some abuse is earned, and richly so,
when querents ask of things they ought to know.
They sit upon their high and lofty perch
when all they had to do's a simple search.
They ask us for a free and online tool
for something simple any plangent fool
by using cells that live up in their head
could do if sluggish neurons weren’t bone dead.
You haven't need for stinking software, bub.
You only need to cease to be a shlub!

Copyright © 2023, Lewis S. Bloch. All rights reserved.





Tuning Lost

Eyes turned to Heaven, heart likewise, unseen
the roads the RF plies that I shall ride,
but glory promised, places never been
whose denizens await my CQ wide,

I cut a wire by wavelength’s mystery
from arcane lore of Elmers’ knowledge shared,
four sixty-eight, divide by frequency
reveals the length to which a dipole’s pared.

But hist! The meter shows a res’nance low!
I’ve cut too long! But there’s no need to cry..
No fear, my Elmer shared the trick to know -
I guess the length and quick the knife apply.

O woe! Alas! This mess I now must toss!
I’ve cut too short, the project is a loss.

Copyright © 2021, Lewis S. Bloch. All rights reserved.