Radio Dave &
Mr. Fix-It

I've known Dave for only a few years. He is one of the most likeable hams I have ever met. His is a wonderful story about spy-like missions into places where only he could fix an outpost installation, and in the process get his head shot off by a sniper. Kind of weird now when I see this in print. Makes me want to look over my shoulder. But you ask him. He'll get you spellbound for way over an hour.

But, let's back up and get back to radios. Bob got the bug from his dad, and I suspect he got his from his dad's dad. They like to tinker. They like to fix things. And now it is hard to take a trip around 40m without running into someone who has run into Dave.

As far back as Dave can remember, Dave and his dad would get up in the morning and run around looking for discarded radios, televisions, anything to haul back to the shack and work on. And Dave got good at it, infected to respectable levels, and it has been his life's passion ever since. Today his wife calls him, "Mr. Fix-It."


Dave Says,

"Remember the picture of Elvis Presley when he went into the service?


(Of course! but that number is dwindling for sure.)

Dave in Uniform
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Dave and one of his Pals

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