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Okay, just kidding, Welcome to Group 7155

WHEN WE MEET: Every day, seven days a week on 40 meters at 7.155 MHz. Sometimes we slide up the band about 5 to 10 KHz if our frequency is occupied, like when DX has taken over or contesting has gone wild.

WHO WE ARE: The gist of it is, we are a group that is loosely defined as a Net of sorts, so what's the difference? We are not a traffic net. We don't stand in line, give our name, rank and call sign, then go away. Nope, that is not who we are. We're much more fun than that. We are a group that is ever-changing and ever-growing. The same feel as an old corner barbershop.

WHAT WE DO, AND WHAT WE DON'T: We pass the mike and use NetLogger - but that doesn't mean that you have to wait your turn to answer a question from another member, you can say comment and get it done that way. Each turn is about one minute, or so, and many times we get into a Topic (which we love, bring your own!), that's where everyone can chime in. We can also help with antennas, radios, equipment and other things. I learned a lot when I joined this group and it has inspired me to learn even more. When we started the website I aked the guys, Should we call it This Net or That Net or Morning Bunch, but they all said, "We're not really a Net, call us "Group 7155". And so we did.You can find it at www.group7155.com and www.group7155.net.

WHAT WE USE: There are three SDR assets we can use to enhance our ability to hear the other stations, particularly when conditions are poor, and you will find that they are very effective. These SDR's include: The San Francisco Half Moon Bay Web SDR, the Northern Utah SDR and the Sedona, AZ W7RNA Multi-band Web SDR. Here they are, just click any image below and you are there!

SDR Half Moon Bay San Franscisco
San Franscisco Half Moon Bay SDR
Utah SDR
Northern Utah SDR
Sedona SDR
Sedona, AZ Web SDR W7RNA


DA RULES: There are no rules, well, other than we are friendly and courteous, we don't swear, no politics and no religion. Also, be kind and aware that others are waiting to speak so keep your transmissions to about a minute and that will give them a chance at the mike. So there, there are rules - and guidelines.

WHAT WE PLAN: The group plans trips to all the latest ham events and shows, bring your RV, camper trailer, tent, hotel or Motel 6 (we'll leave the lights on for ya), and enjoy a show, a classroom, a drawing or a Campfire.

WHO'S TO BLAME: The original founders of this group are Sam, N5FO; Gil, N2GG; Ken, KS2R; Garry, K9WZB and a few others. It was like this, two guys started rag-chewing over something, then another came along, then another, you get the idea.

EXTRAS: Oh, and we have Chat. It isn't used much but it is there for any reasons you would like to use it. Leave a photo there if you like, or a link. We are also selling tees, ask AK6RM for details, and Group 7155 Pens, ask W6BQZ for how many you want. All proceeds go to help us stay on the WWW. We use NetLogger, but only for making sure everyone get's a turn. We emphasize, we are NOT A FORMAL NET. No head counts, no assiging numbers, keeping track, etc. We are a Group first and foremost, and defined as a loose or loosely-defined sort of net without the irons and chains of a formal net.

WHAT CAN YOU DO: In addition to all of the above you can contribute here if you like by Donating and becoming a Sponsor; or if you have writing talents you can send in your own contributions for posting, just ask The Web Guy (test, who is that?) as to what and when you want to do it. How about sending one in for the News Page? You can send in your submittals with or without photos to W6BQZ email.

SO, WHAT'S NEXT: So, hey, you don't need to hang around here, why not fire up your radio tomorrow morning around 1400 UTC + or - and join us. We are not a clique and you will be amazed at how easy it is to come into this group and be accepted for who you are, not what you did.

Your Webmaster (of sorts),

Ken - W6BQZ

lone rangerBig Quiet Zebra

Ken, our Web Guy, W6BQZ, who is me and here is my email: w6bqz@zebrahamradio.com. And, I know I have a strange sense of humor, like all this Zebra nonsense. And for some reason, I also like the Lone Ranger and would make him our mascot if I could, or maybe I did. Click on the photo there for the complete unedited pilot show, it's Great!


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Guest Services Manager

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A Bunch of Hooligans at the recent HamFest - trust me, you don't want to know what's in those bags!



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