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Group 7155 The Ham Radio Morning Crew on 40 Meters
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Sid - K7SID
Our Moderator
Phil W8PNZ Menifee, CA
Great Elmer
Gerald KK6YO
* KK6YO *

Plaque Man
Photo Ham
Dave KB7JS
Mr. Fix-It!
Ken - KS2R
Photo Ham
N6UG Birton
Amazing Ham
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From the Mountains & Deserts to the Pacific Ocean - A Friendly Informative Group You Can Rely On

Welcome and Thanks to
Our 2017 Sponsors!

KK6YO 2017! Torrance, CA IAC Shrty 40, Bazooka 500 watts RV PIC under a tree!
Jerry IC-7300, TS-940SAT SBE Power Amp My QRZ Link More Pics Coming Soon!
N6YSK 2017! Las Vegas, NV Wire Antenna 100 watts RV Pic +
Mike (New Call Sign) TS-2000X, TS480 Ala Barefoot My QRZ Link Shack / Station Pics +
KV4PN 2017! Prescott, AZ 80 Meter Loop 500 watts RV Pics Coming Soon
Joe Collins 75S3, 32S3 Collins 30L-1 My QRZ Link Shack / Station Pics
K7SID 2017! Laveen, AZ Inverted V 200 watts +/- RV Pics +
Sid FT-990, TS-480 VL-1000 My QRZ Link At Quartzfest 2017
N6DAN 2017! Wildomar, CA Inverted V 200 Watts
Dan FTdx1200 AL-80B My QRZ Link Shack Photo
K6SAL 2017! Galt, CA Force12 C4 XL 1.0 KiloWatts RV Pics Click Here
Sal Yaesu FT-2000 A Big Ol' Henry My QRZ Link At Quartzfest 2017
KB7JS 2017! Phoenix, AZ Inverted V 560 Watts Dave in Flight Gear
Dave FTdx570 Pair of 6KD6 My QRZ Link Shack / Station Pics +
N7VD 2017! Mesa, AZ 40m Coax Dipole 1.5 KiloWatts Shack / RV Pics
Robert FTdx5000, FT100 OM 2000A+ My QRZ Link Shack / RV Pics
W8PNZ 2017! Menifee, CA Fan Dipole 600/1200 Watts Elmer Award Video
Phil FTdx3000 AL 811A, TL 922A My QRZ Link PNZ Shack Photo
N6UG 2017! Rocklin, CA Doublet 600 Watts At Quartzfest 2017
Birton TS-990S, TS-480HX, KX3 SPE Expert 1.3k My QRZ Link Shack & RV +Desktop
AK7RM 2017! Mesa, AZ True Talk 80-6m 500 Watts Photography URL
Rob FT-3000D, Ft-857D FL-7000 My QRZ Link Shack / Station Pics
KS2R 2017! Sandia Park, NM Gap Titan, Inv V 1.5 KiloWatts NEW! Shack 1 / Shack 2
  TS-940S, Flex 6500 THM THP-922A My QRZ Link Re:
KK6KK 2017! Citrus Heights, CA G5RV Jr. 800 Watts
Bill TS-530S AL-811H My QRZ Link Shack / Station Pics


Thanks to All who Sponsored in 2017



Sid, K7SID, reported seeing a fireball on June 1, 2016. This is a great site to find reports on sightings, check it out and enjoy!



Ron, Ken & Leslie - N6XT, KK6UYP, W6BQZ

Above: Photo taken at the PARC Meeting (Palomar Amateur Radio Club) Mtg. In photos are Ken, W6BQZ - then Ron, N6XT - Then Ron again with Leslie, KK6UYP. As always, another fun night for all!


And, Who is this Man

Working on this Antenna?

None other than K7SID, Sid

Working on Rick's (W0RIC) Installation



Ken's Photography

Our Own Photo Ken, KS2R
and his Amazing Photography



Dave KB7JS The Latest From Dave, KB7JS

- Regarding Amplifiers, Dave Rants: Personally, I really don't understand the Amp craze.  What ever happened to the tenet of using the minimum power necessary?  While they are very popular and useful in poor conditions, poor propagation is what it is.  A better antenna will always get better results than can be obtained by pumping more power into a marginal one.  I sincerely believe it's the contest mentality that has caused them to be abused and used all the time to simply kick up the receiving stations S-meter.  Yeah, they will give you a stronger signal, but is that really necessary?   My experience on the bands is that they are too often used all the time, even in good conditions, which makes your signal so powerful that it becomes simply interference for the poor guys on the other side of the planet that you can't hear.   I'd rather have an honest QSO within the limits of the conditions and call it a day.   I have recently encountered some amplifier elitist's on 40 and 80 that won't acknowledge your call if you aren't running an Amp like they are.   I have witnessed them telling individuals to get an Amp or go away.

- Up to a Mile Away? Are you Kidding? : POT GROWERS CAUSE BIG STATIC FOR HAM RADIO

- Check out this site for band conditions: CONUS HF BAND CONDX

- Good read, very interesting, but it will give you a brain cramp: FM BACKSCATTER

- On the Lighter Side: BRITSH CARJACKING

- My Lips are stuck to my Keyer!!: WINTER FIELD DAY ASSOCIATION

-This little $149 tool can help you understand why things don't work: BIT SCOPE: MICRO ANALYSER & SCOPE

- Grasping the difference between regular batteries and deep cycle batteries: A LAYMAN'S GUIDE TO BATTERIES

- And some tasty Battery FAQs: BATTERY FAQ

- Video Tour of the Johnson Viking Valiant: TOUR FROM THE BENCH OF K7PP -- <> -- AND, TUNING IT UP


. . . and from Ken -- LEARN ALL ABOUT AMATEUR RADIO de F6DQM -- See his site!

Learning CW

-- The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy - Click Here for PDF file (clean file)

-- CW Ops Homework - Click

New Sites to Explore

-- NEW! Electro ReSales - Novel Electronic Gadgets that will make your day!



Strange Things Happening

Pics from Around the World & On the Road


Visalia 2017

Visalia Group 2017



Group 7155 The Ham Radio Morning Crew on 40 Meters



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Group 7155 News

New Rag Chew! Now that Daylight Saving blessed the West Coast again, at 1700z we have a Chew the Rag session for "late risers" in a very informal setting. No Logger, no rules, just us. See you there!

Tune In Time Out at 5. If you are around, stop by, you never know who might be there. 5pm West Coast time.

We are looking for more Sponsors. Help support our Group Website.

Listen to us on these SDR Websites:

SDR Snip ...Hear us on Sedona SDR

SDR Snip ... San Francisco "LO" SDR


GROUP 7155
(Free to Verified stations that have checked in on a regular basis for the past 2 months)

KM6AB Mike San Pedro, CA
W7AQK Dave Tucson, AZ
K6BF Bernard Oxnard, CA
N1BL Bill Fallbrook, CA
N6BTK Steve Newport Beach, CA
K7BWO Clark Alpine, UT
N6DAN Dan Wildomar, CA
N7EG Matt Tucson, AZ
KD6ET Gerald Woodland Hills, CA
N5FO Sam | video Tyrone, NM
N5FW Ford Maricopa, AZ
KD7GC Alan Glendale, AZ
N2GG Gil Belen, NM
AI6J Al Camarillo
N6KN Rocco Palos Verdes, CA
KW2KW Lew San Diego, CA
VE7LX Al Lone Butte, BC Canada
W5MEZ Jim Los Altos, CA
W6MUB Art Camp Verde, AZ
AF5MV Jim Rio Rancho, NM
NR7N Lance Scottsdale, AZ
K8NDS Rich Cottonwood, AZ
AK6OK Jeff Rocklin, CA
WM6P Steve Cohutta, GA
W8PNZ Phil Menifee, CA
K6PKO Jerry Fresno, CA
NR6Q Greg Galt, CA
KS2R Ken Sandia Park, NM
W0RIC Rick Sun City West, AZ
K6RRS Jim Las Vegas, NV
K6SAL Sal Galt, CA
K6UDA Bob Penryn, CA
KD6UMC Don Palos Verdes, CA
KE7VSR Peter Reno, NV
KS5W Keith Silver City, NM
W5WBT Joe Murphys, CA
KI6WJ Jim Reno, NV oo(RV)
AB6XG Rick Antioch, CA
N6XT Ron Valley Center, CA oo(RV)


Get Listed on 7155:

Free Verified listings:
Free Listings are for hams that sign in on a regular (2xweek) basis for at least two months. If you are new and request a listing please be aware of the two month verification period. However, if you do not want to wait and wish to be added right away without verification, there is a $10 charge for the posting. Either way I'm happy to help, just email me at:

To Repeat: Free for Regular check-ins; $10 for Listings without waiting.

SWL Listeners: Please enjoy our Group, we are glad to hear that you are. We just don't offer SWL listings at this time.

Special Recognition
Become a Sponsoring Station:

As a Thank You, Sponsoring Stations get their 40m Radios, Antennas, and Amplifiers showcased on the leading list at the Top of this page - and as an extra added bonus, a Link to their page on

It's a Special Recognition for helping out with the cost of the web site, and we place it online generally within 48 hours.

To grab your spot as one of our Sponsors, here is what you need to do:

First Step: Send an email to: with your Call Sign, Name, QTH, Radios, Antennas (only one or two that you use for 40 meters), Amplifier and how much power you normally put out when you are on the Group 7155 frequency. After you have finished your email, please complete your request by clicking the Donate button below and sending the amount you deem appropriate:





2016 Sponsors
Ken - RV Birton Mike - RV Joe
Sandia Park, NM Rocklin, CA Sun City, AZ Prescott, AZ
TS-940S, Flex 6500 TS-990S, TS-2000 TS-2000, FT-480 Collins 75S3, 32S3
Gap Titan, Inv V 80m Doublet Eagle One Vert OCF Dipole
THM THP-922A AL-80 ala barefoot Collins 30L-1
1.5 KW 600 Watts 100 Watts 500 Watts
My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link
Rob Jerry Keith Steve
Mesa, AZ Torrance, CA Silver City, NM Kiowa, KS
FTdx3000D, FT-857D FT-101E, TS-940SAT Flex 3000, TS-140 IC-7800, TS-990
True Talk 80-6m IAC Shorty 40 & Bazooka Inv. V, Hex Beam Tons of Towers
Yaesu FL-7000 SBE Power Amp HeathKit SB-200 To be added
500 Watts 500 Watts 600 Watts 1.5 KW
My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link
Stephen Dennis - RV Billy Jimmy
Sedona, AZ Auburn, CA Tuscon, AZ Los Altos, CA
IC-765, IC-761 FT-1000D FT-1000D, Flex-5000A FT-1000D, TS-570D
40 meter Dipole 2 el, Quad, Inv. Vees 130' OCF Dipole W5GI Inv. V, 5BTV Vert
30-L1 AL-80B Alpha78/Hmbrew 4-1000 Cmd. Tech HF1250
600w 1 KW 1500w QRO 1 KW
My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link
Phil Ken Clark Lew
Menifee, CA Carlsbad, CA Alpine, UT San Diego, CA
FTdx3000 FT-1000, TS-480HX TS-940S, TenTec Delta 2 Yaesu FT-950
Fan Dipole SGC w/Dipole & Ladder AD DXCC, DBL Bazooka OFCFD Dipole
AL 811A, TL 922A AL-80B Collins 30L-1, Clipperton L ala barefoot
600 / 1200 Watts 100-200 Asymmetric Watts 500 Watts & QRP 100 Metaphysical Watts
My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link My QRZ Link


Thanks to All who Sponsored in 2017:


>>> Thanks to Our Group 7155 Site 2014-2015 Supporters <<<
N7EG Matt Tucson, AZ In Memory of Matt Vert & Grnd Mt. Dipoles AL811 100+ QRZ
W6BQZ Ken Carlsbad, CA FT-1000, TS-480HX Dipole, Super Antenna Portable Barefoot 200 QRZ
KD7CVJ Mike Sun City, AZ TS-2000 Eagle One Vert. 33' Barefoot 100 QRZ
N6DAN Dan Wildomar, CA FTdx-1200 Dipole Barefoot 100 QRZ
N7EG Matt Tucson, AZ TS-570 Vert & Grnd Mt. Dipoles AL811 100+ QRZ
N2GG Gil Belen, NM IC-7600 Stepp IR PW-1 +1.0k QRZ
W5MEZ Jim Los Altos, CA FT-1000D W5GI Dipole, Hustler Vert. Cmd Tech HF1250 800 QRZ
NR6Q Greg Galt, CA FTdx9000 Steppir DB 42 @ 85' ALS-500RM 500 QRZ
KS2R Ken Sandia Park, NM (RV) TS-940S, Flex-6500 Gap Titan, Inv. V THP TL922A 1.2k QRZ
K7SID Sid Laveen, AZ (RV) TS-990 Inv. V, Vert VL1000 1.0k QRZ
K6UDA Bob Penryn, CA IC-7600, KX3 80 Inv. V, Hexbeam AL-80B 1k QRZ
KS5W Keith Silver City, NM TS140, Flex-3000 Hex Beam 40' Barefoot 100 QRZ
KI6WJ Jim Reno, NV (RV) FTdx-5000MP Force 12 C4 Yagi AL80B 1.0k QRZ




Night Dreams

An Up-All-Night Midsummer Night Dream Animation

Sneaking Getting the Tower Up When No One Can See It




Group 7155 The Ham Radio Morning Crew on 40 Meters

You will never regret finding
this infectiously fun and
mostly addicting group.

They are an amazing assembly of knowledgeable hams who through their daily exchange of information and group qso babble will help you in your quest to create, maintain, grow and, through many agile attempts, help you to avoid blowing up your ham radio station.

They make for an extremely enjoyable ham radio experience and come alive each morning at 7.155 on your 40 meter radio dial. Stop by today and say hi.

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And Enjoy!




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